2nd HDD software Transfer/OWC Data Doubler

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    May 17, 2010
    My Hardwear:
    2010 MBP
    250Gb 840 Samsung SSD
    750Gb WD Black HDD
    80Gb Apple OEM HDD from 2007 Mac Mini
    500Gb Seagate/Apple OEM HDD from 2007 Time Capsule
    2007 Time Capsule with 2TB WD Green HDD
    Vantec SATA to USB 2.0 Cable

    The Backstory:
    I wanted to get copies of Photoshop and Office 2011 onto my computer. I owned a 2010 Macbook Pro, and purchased another 2010 MBP off craigslist with the software I wanted. With the new computer, I was able to get the software I wanted loaded onto my 80Gb Drive (my oh **** drive), as well as my SSD. I took the HDD and RAM out of the computer I purchased and put it in my old one to sell. I had the new computer working with the SSD and my RAM with the software I wanted just fine. I also had a backup on my Time Capsule.

    The Challenge:
    I used CCC to copy the data off the original drive on the computer to my oh **** drive and my SSD. I also wanted to have a clean install of OS X on my 750Gb hdd. I utilized the "recovery" partition CCC created, and had several headaches using the Vantec cable to get the OS loaded on that drive. I would get errors anywhere from the download of the installer all the way up to logging into the OS on the HDD. However, I did get it working and everything was great. (I eventually had success when the HDD was installed in the computer and the SSD was on the Vantec cable, and was able to finally get the OS loaded).

    So now I have the SSD working in the computer, I have the HDD working in the computer, and I decided to purchase the OWC Data Doubler so I can have both installed. Installed the Data Doubler, put the HDD in the data doubler and the SSD in the normal HDD bay. SSD started up, HDD was corrupt and apparently needed to be reformatted. I again had trouble running the reinstaller off the "recovery" partition created by CCC. It took several attempts to get the OS to load properly on the HDD. Halfway through my frustrations, I did attempt a Time Capsule recovery, which worked immediately. However, I've been having some glitches with the software on the SSD (and subsequently the Time Machine backup), so I decided that I wanted to get just a straight install of OS X on the HDD. I was eventually able to do so.

    I then tried to move my applications (Photoshop and Office '11) from the SSD onto the HDD. None were able to copy and open successfully.

    So I have the following questions:
    1. Can I have the OS installed on both the SSD and HDD with the data doubler?
    2. Can I have both OS run a time machine backup to the same Time Capsule? I'm preferring to run primarily on the SSD, so I plan to have TM back up both drives, however I was curious to know
    3. If I want to get a copy of my software onto the HDD from the SSD, could I use CCC to copy just the application folder and get the apps to work properly?
    4. My ultimate goal is to have my OS and software loaded on the SSD, and most of my photos/videos on the HDD. I do want to have the OS able to run on the HDD as I may want to test software prior to loading it onto my SSD. Should I set up the OS as a separate partition on the HDD and a separate partition for my files on the HDD?

    I apologize if anything was unclear. I re-wrote this after MacRumors already timed me out once…UGH!

    Thank you for your time and advice!

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    May 17, 2010
    Also worth noting, that since installing the OS on the HDD, I cannot log back into the OS on my SSD. I get to the user sign in and enter my password, and either the system crashes, or a grey screen flashes before returning me to the login screen. This happens on two different user accounts.

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