2nd Macs hostname is already in use

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    Hi, I have 2 Macs beside each other on one table.
    I also have a 3rd, a Samsung Windows PC Laptop.

    I was running a router from ROGERS, a Cisco DCP3825 but the internet kept dropping so I would have to constantly reboot the modem and then the machines.

    So I just bought a refurbished 2011 Airport Extreme Base Station.
    I called Rogers and I think they might have "bridged" the modem and they had me make up a new network password.

    Not sure if it means anything as i haven't figured this all out yet but the base station has an orange light, that flashes slowly.
    Not sure if it is supposed to be orange?

    Anyhow, I ran ONYX last week on the second Mac. I don't know if its related to this or whether this problem is new due to the airport base station.

    Anytime i turn on this second Mac, I see a window that says:

    This computers hose name "my name-macbook-4-local" is already in use on this network. The name has been changed to "my name-macbook-5-local"

    To change this local hostname, open System Preferences and click Sharing then click Edit and type the name in the Local Hostname field.

    So I click on Sharing and type a number, not sure which one I am typing but i get the whole message again the next tine but then its usually macbook-6-local

    All I want is it to be called my name macbook....

    But yet on my main machine, the 1st one if you wish to call it that these windows do not pop up and when I click on sharing to look at them, all it says is MacBook-Pro-Local and doesn't have a number attached to it or keep changing.

    How can I stop this 2nd macbook from doing this and popping up each time I turn it on or reboot it?

    Secondly and lastly, whenever I turn on the PC laptop its fine and then I let it sleep for a bit as I am busy on the other laptops........when I go back to it, its invariably always offline by then and i can't seem to get it back online through network settings but can only do so if i reboot.

    How do I keep the Windows one online being that they are all on wireless for now?

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    What happened is that your Mac saw a ghost of itself on the network and renamed itself to prevent conflicts. This normally is a result of the Wake for Network Access setting being turned on in the Energy Saver pref pane. To correct it, turn off your Mac and restart the router. Once the router is done, turn on the Mac.
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    Computer contacting itself through two methods.

    This article helped me understand why my computer kept renaming itself:

    Suggested "cure" is to only use ethernet or wifi, but not have both connected at the same time. I like to use both ethernet and wifi, and my computer chooses which is most efficient for the moment. When I am bothered by the renaming, I just put the name back to its original name by going to "System Preferences - Sharing - Computer Name / edit".

    Hope this at least helps you understand what might be happening.

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