2wire AppleTV ripoff

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ipedro, Jan 29, 2009.

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    More and more players are coming into the market. It's beginning to look like the pioneering days of MP3 players before the iPod made it what it is.

    Now, 2wire has released a Blockbuster player that looks very familiar. Check this out:


    Read about it @ cnet, here.

    Having vendors copy AppleTV shows that either Apple is doing something right, worth plagiarizing or 2wire is simply guessing that AppleTV is going to get as big as the iPod so they're putting their money on Apple repeating their success.
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    Apple isn't blind to what other manufactures are doing and may have known about this thing a long time ago. A big upgrade in the Apple TV capabilities is due. Picture the new Apple TV with Atom processor, web surfing, games, data sync and maybe a new keyboard.

    Whatever it is, Apple needs to keep moving or they are going to get lost in this game. I don't think Atom was ever for the Mac Mini. It's what will keep the Apple TV ahead. The new Mac Mini will have an updated Core 2 chip, and with the update graphics and Snow Leopard will have plenty of a bump for what it's suppose to be.

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