2x2.8GHz now--2x3.2GHz+ later?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by thevibesman, Jan 8, 2008.

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    So I was hoping I could get some people to weigh in on the the economic benefit of buying a new Mac Pro with 2x2.8GHz (E5462) and upgrading my processors to a pair of X5482 when the price drops--or maybe something even faster if available.

    Just to be clear, my interest in getting the 2x3.2GHz machine isn't to have the coolest new hardware out this year, but because I foresee a real need for those extra cycles down the road. I am a musician/composer and a lot of my work involves custom realtime audio (and sometimes video) software that I design and I know that the way I work, if I have the cycles available, I'll come up with ways to use them. That being said, I also realize that a pair of E5462 will work wonders for the current things I am working with compared to my painfully sluggish G4 (I never said those music projects made me enough money to upgrade my computer often....yet).

    I've been using Macs since my first Plus in '87, and am used to the Motorola world we lived in for so long that my gut tells me to get the beastly processors now and I'll be thanking myself next year. Now that we are in Intel-land, getting a Mac tower now means a much easier time buying upgrade parts so I am thinking I could save money by getting the two 2.8GHz chips now and upgrading later once the prices have fallen and I need the extra juice. This will be my first Intel Mac and I haven't been following the Intel pricing enough to answer this on my own: What will the pricing of 3.2GHz X5482 Xeons look like 6months from now? a year from now? When could I expect to save money upgrading to 3.2Ghz by buying the processors from an online retailer vs. getting them BTO from Apple?

    Oh, and not to start more rumor talk, but is there any word from Intel on plans to release even faster Penryn upgrades than the X5482?
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    I'd get the 2*3.2 Ghz system now and grow into the system... but thats just me ... :eek:
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    Sep 14, 2006
    Probably the same as AMD will likely offer no real competition.

    Nehalem should be comming in by then and prices may lower, Xeon quad core pricing did drop last july by a reasonable amount, but htere is no guarantee. New processors may just replace old ones withpricing on the old ones staying the same.

    X5482s are priced by Intel at $1279, they are available at around $1400 retail, many stores having prices from $1500-$1600 (each). 2.8GHz processors at $800+ each. You are going to need to sell the old ones to make any sort of saving, and I've seen 2.66GHz Dual cores go from $300 each to $700 for a pair on ebay ($690 each retail), so it can be anyone's guess.

    Worth baring in mind that Intel value the difference between 2x2.8Ghz and 2x3.2GHz at around $900.

    Yes, Intel people have said faster Penryn Xeons. Both 3.4GHz and "upto 4GHz" have been mentioned in quotes I have seen.

    Honestly you are probably best buying the 2.8GHz octo, and then getting the next generation of Nehalem based mac pro in a year or so as that will likely be far better. It may also work out better to sell your old 2.8GHz and buy a 3.2GHz new, used or refurbished such are Apple prices in all markets when you have taxed your current system.
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    One thing you might need to worry about is cooling. If the Intel retail part includes a heat-sink, you are okay. But the 3.2GHz part has a significantly higher (close to double) heat dissipation rate. So the 2.8GHz heat sink may not be sufficient to cool it.
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    Sep 14, 2006
    Someone also claimed there were different logicboard numbers for the 2.8 and 3Ghz models compared to 3.2GHz.
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    if you like paying a premium for today's best. to me it's not worth it
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    The price for a 3.2 is over 50% of a Octo 2.8 though. I'd think for the negligible real word difference, he's better growing OUT of the Oct 2.8 and purchasing whatever new Mac Pro the future holds.

    Agreed. Today's "best at a premium" is tomorrow's "as standard". :)

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