2X24" or 1 27" Video editing


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Sep 1, 2007
I've got a 24" iMac with an external 24" which is an ideal setup for video editing. I can pop one screen into full screen mode with the timeline etc on the other monitor. I also find two seperate screens excellent for keeping two applications open side by side. How does this compare to one 27"? I suspect that means a lot of shuffling and resizing windows on the desktop. What are people's experiences?


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Dec 10, 2008
You could use your current 24" monitor with the 27" iMac...

Dual 1920x1200 monitors have 4 608 000 pixels while 27" iMac has 3 672 000, so you get about 20% more space with dual 24"s, so it may not be worth it unless you use 27" + 24" or even buy another 27" from Dell to get dual 27"


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Apr 6, 2010
Hillsborough, NJ
I've tried video editing in FCP using 1x24" versus 2x24" screens. The multi-monitor setup is significantly easier to manage the different windows within FCP, or any other video editing software for that matter.

I haven't used the 27" iMac for extended periods of time, but I can definitely say that I was missing the second monitor in my use of a single 30" (which is a very nice display, but not as versatile to just push assets and tools out of the way). The best setup is as Hellhamer described, 2x27" or 1x24" + 1x27". If you could only get 1x27" or 2x24" then I would stick with the 2x24".


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Feb 10, 2010
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I would like to add that the extra screen size is excellent for FCP, because it allows you to have the preview window large enough to actually see it better. It's really nice for applications like shake and color too.

I have a 24" with mac pro in the editing office, but I actually prefer my i7 for the majority of tasks (apart from when you need colour accuracy etc.)

Not everyone will agree, but I personally love the magic mouse in final cut! All the scrolling functions just make it so easy to zoooooom back and forth in the timeline...

I agree with the previous poster though - i7 with 24" external monitor is probably the ideal set up.


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Oct 29, 2009
I have had dual monitors for well over 10 years and have always had a "larger + smaller" setup -- and have been using a 24" screen as my monitor since July of 2001. (I paid $1500 for a Sony FW900 CRT @ 1920 X 120)

the only time I did dual monitors that were both the same size I was thrown off for days =)

i agree the 27" + 24" sounds perfect