3.0 Update - Cannot Send Mail

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    Jun 7, 2009
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    Folks, I am in need of some help. Prior to the 3.0 update, everything was working fine. Ever since the upgrade to 3.0 I have not been able to forward or send an email. I keep getting a cannot send mail message. message states that the connection to the outgoing server has failed. Any suggestions? :confused:
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    Sep 1, 2008
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    Mail app crashes when attempting to send email

    A variation on a theme...
    I tried to send a picture taken from my iPhone. Went through the normal method - took the picture, selected it, sent a email... Mail message appeared in the OUTBOX in email folder. Everytime the mail utility tried to transfer / send the contents of the OUTBOX folder the progress bar would show about 90% complete - then the MAIL application would crash. These would occur many times, before it finally cleared the OUTBOX.

    Behind the scenes - mail was actually being transferred and the person I intended to send to got 8 copies of the email / picture.

    Mail seems to be fine, as long as I'm reading and NOT sending....

    Clearly this is a BUG - nothing in my environment changed accept for upgrading to version 3.0.

    I'm looking for ideas and suggestions - Or concurrence if others have seen this problem.

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