3 desktop computers


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Jan 28, 2002
I'll be honest, the boost to the Ghz line was a big step for Apple. It showed that they could actually do it, but, is it enough?
Besides for a few things, is the PM really at all that different than the iMac? If you look at it, not that much. And why spend the extra money when you can just buy an iMac with a beautiful monitor, and a fairly good graphics card, not as good as the PM's, but certainlly up there.

Now, from what I've gathered and read, the Apollo chip is almost in a class of it's own. It's own landmark to say. The Ghz is just the beginning, and isn't it very well possible, using the new technology they have, to keep improving the G4 line, Motorola said itself.

So, what exactly could Apple be thinking? My personal take on it is that this was not to drive sales at all back towards the PM, it's way to soon with the iMac previously released, and from the people I've spoken to, they're not to impressed with the new PM, to the poing that they don't even care about it.

So, could the 1Ghz be a signal for something else? Could it be the stepping stone and the wall for the G5?

I've been thinking. I believe that the G5 will be announced this year, but the G4 will become a much much valuable resource. What if Apple went back to the 3 desktop line, similar to what it had before, but much more efficient than before. What if the iMacs were lowered in price and targeted almost solely at low end consumers and schools. The G4's we have now will continue to have almost drastic upgrades from everything from businesses to graphic corporations.
Then you have the G5, a machine that stands on it's own, in it's very own class. Yes, it probably will be more expensive, but it will have the capabilites to compete with super high end multibillion dollar corporations for Servers, and other tasks that a computer of that calibor could easily take care of. They most likely will have a consumer model, but from what I've read, the G5 is not your ordinary chip, and can supposedly do more than several G4's combined.

The biggest problem for Apple is that they don't attack the business market enough. I don't care what anyone else here says if they disagree with me on that or not, but that's the fact. Yes, they might contain 46% or something of the school market, but compared to everything else, that's about 1% of Apple's market. Most of the larger numbers come from the corporations who buy a thousand computers, and then need a server to use hook them to, a G5.
Now, many of you say, it's a software issue, and I could not agree and disagree more. Software is probably the largest excuse I hear. Oh, no software for Apple, guess I'll buy a PC. The only way software will expand more into the Apple market is by Apple expanding its growth past the consumer. The G4 is a consumer product whether we like it or not. So, by increasing the market, mainly into commerical areas will signal software companies to make more and more software for the mac. Even though Apple is basically the only company in this field to make money, it's still losing it's market hold.
Those were just some of my thoughts on Apple, and what can come of Apple in the future. I'm sorry about it being so long, but I said what I needed to be said, and anything that you disagree with me on is fine, but most of the things I mentioned are facts, and can't be changed.

Also, Jobs and his baby, the iMac, were just on the cover, the cover of Time magazine. Do you actually think days, or even months later a drastic change will come? I'm leaning towards MWNY the earlist for anything drastic, and Apple has it coming, I think we can all feel it in our bones, that something from Apple is coming, and like the the original iMac the new, and from the iPod, something is coming, what is the question.



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Dec 7, 2001
Re: 3 desktop computers

Originally posted by animemaster
I think we can all feel it in our bones, that something from Apple is coming, and like the the original iMac the new, and from the iPod, something is coming, what is the question.

I think it's the G5. The small (but important) 1 GHz DP update is merely a stepping stone to the big kahuna. :D


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Jan 28, 2002
something is coming!!

i couldnt agree more that something new is coming -- a little patience and all of us will be more than surprised-- even if the new iMac was leaked b4 it came out, no one expected the impact it would have let alone the tech that went into the design-- i still think that the new g5 will be something totally new that compliments the new iMac in some way-- maybe? maybe not? something is cooking -- that is for sure we will just have to wait-- February 1st doubt- more likely this summer!! let's hope so:D :cool:


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Jan 24, 2002
I don't predict the power in the G5 that you foresee. Motorolla does not have the kind of developmental ability to create something of that magnitude. The G5 will narrow the gap between the Pentium and AMD processors, but Apple will still be playing catch-up. I'm not impressed with the new 1 ghz appollo chips. If speed bumps of this magnitude happen every two to three months, then I will be impressed. The G5 will definately be formidable, but it's greatness will be relative to the time it is released. Remember, Pentiums and AMDs continue to race forward in processing power. Tomorrow (not literally tomorrow), the G5s will be slightly ahead of the position that G4s are in today relative to the current Pentiums and AMD's. I'll I ask for his higher clock and bus speeds.