3 front runner for iPhone in Australia but Telstra starting to take interest


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Sep 11, 2004
Canberra, Australia
There's been a bit of iPhone content in the media lately after all the hype in the US, the biggest question of course being which carrier will take the phone on.

ZDNet seem to favour 3 Telecom (Hutchinson)

While other sources were reporting that Telstra, who initially rejected and criticised the iPhone, are now starting to take an interest.

I really hope 3 get the deal, they have some of the cheapest rates and good network coverage. My next preference would be Vodafone but if they don't get the contract in Europe than that's unlikely. The other thing with Telstra and Vodafone is that they are both pushing their own online music stores and services so pairing up with Apple may not be that great for them


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Apr 19, 2004
I hope for 3 or vodafone also. I'm with telstra currently but screw 'em. This would just be the reason to switch.


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Apr 4, 2006
Never thought 3 would get a look in and thought it would easily be vodafone but from what is happening in the UK they seem to have lost out.

3 is good for me as we are with them and our phone bills are sometimes just a few dollars a month (my wife and I just speak to each other and its free if the calls are less than 10minutes-then you hang up and make another 10 minute call)

But 3 are 3g only so does this mean a 3 g iphone-that would be the ultimate to even eclipse the pinicle the iphone 2.5g already is. Gimme gimme