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    Hi all :)

    I would like your thoughts and any available advice/experience on this please.

    I own a white unibody mid-late 2010 MacBook that has three problems/issues with it which are :

    1: The L-Shape MagSafe connector and power port have burnt resulting in one of the pins not working properly and not being able to charge the MacBook.
    2: The unibody upper-case shell has cracked with an hairline crack around both hinge areas where the lid opens and closes.
    3: The rubber under-case has warped and become extremely unloose and ill-fitting.

    All of which I believe are well known documented problems with the white unibody MacBook from what I have researched online.

    Approximately 12 months ago I first noticed both the under-case warping and becoming loose and the hairline cracks appearing around the hinges on the upper-case shell. I immediately got in contact with Apple in regards to this and was asked to take the MacBook into a local Authorised Dealer for further inspection. Unfortunately I became ill at around this time due to stress and was unable to unfortunately take the MacBook in.

    Around two weeks ago I noticed the LED light on the Magsafe connector flickering on and off so I was about to adjust it when I slightly burnt my fingers on it due to excess heat. I then turned off the MacBook and power supply and waited for it to cool down. I then lifted off the connector away from the port only to find that both the connector and port had become burnt resulting in one of the pins not being visible and a scorched connecting point on the MacBook itself resulting in the fact that I am no longer able to charge the MacBook therefore making it unusable.

    I am currently in contact and discussions with Apple Executive Relations EMEIA and have been told that I may have to pay for some, if not all the repairs to be carried out!

    Under UK Law and the Sale of Goods Act states that products should be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose and that if a product you’ve bought develops a fault, your consumer rights mean you can reject it and get your money back or you can have it repaired or replaced. Subject to this a consumer also has six years from the time they buy something in which to make a claim irrespective of how long the goods actually last.

    Considering that I payed roughly £800 for the MacBook when new I would have expected it to last longer than 3 years and I believe that premium products such as Apple are expected to have a higher life rate than any other consumer laptop. Add to the fact that all three issues are pretty well documented on the internet I believe that I should not have to pay a single penny for any of the repairs as they are clearly defects that Apple are fully aware of.

    Am I right or wrong?
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    Hi, For your first problem, look into changing the mag safe charger immediately and also look into changing the DC IN board as it may have been damaged, but only do so if the new charger has no effect. If it works ok with the new charger then the dc in board is ok and there nothing to worry about. just clean up the terminals.

    The second problem with the cracking around the hinges, is known as an original design defect and if you take the macbook into an apple store, they will replace the lid/ screen free of charge, so I suggest you book a genius appointment asap.

    As for the third problem with the rubber bottom peeling off, Apple will also replace this free of charge under their bottom case replacement program. You can either order one online through the apple support website and return the faulty one or take it to an apple store and let them do it for you. Again, I would recommend a genius bar appointment.

    I had the cracking around the hinges problem and the rubber bottom peeling off and after having these replaced by my local apple store, My macbook looks as good as new. I had the cracking problem sorted out back in june, and have not had another problem since, so it's definitely worth getting it replaced.

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