3 major repairs = replacement?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by osobogoso, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Hi there, Mac fanboy for over 25 years. Had at least a dozen, currently a pro, a G4, 500gb Time Machine, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, a 512K in the basement I occasionally pull out to play a game of Dark Castle and look over old school assignments. All in all NEVER a hardware issue nor anyone I know has a had a hardware issue. Heres the problem: I bought this Pro in June 2007, in June of 2008 (just out of the 1 year but I have applecare) it stopped putting out audio. It received a new logic board. In May of 2009 (on my birthday of all days) it stopped putting out video. Logic board was replaced for the second time. Now just 5 months later the superdrive can't "generate the laser power needed to supply the device" AND the iSight camera is not working. It seems unclear the extent of this problem it is in the shop now and I am waiting to hear the verdict. Almost certainly will need a new superdrive and whether the logic board is again the issue for the camera problem we'll see. My question for you all: 1) Is it true that 3 major repairs and you get a replacement? (I was initially told this by applecare and they have backtracked a bit) 2) If so what constitutes a major repair? (I am told logic boards def count) 3) Depending on whether they try to fix this lemon I'm stuck w/ how far and w/ who should I be fighting for a replacement? Applecare or customer relations?

    I will not be satisfied by having this thing fixed only replaced. As my applecare runs out in June 2010 It is quite obvious this comp will not last w/ a history of breakdowns like this. As someone who makes less than $30,000/yr Canadian and who saved over 10 months to buy this computer to say I am sad :(. is putting it lighty. In the 2 and a half years I've had this computer it's been in the shop for repairs almost 6 weeks total, not counting this time. Advice??
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    It seems its down too the Genius you are seeing as too whether it needs to be replaced even if it has been repaired 3 times. From what you are saying and if the Genius believes you I can see that they would probably replace it.
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    Dec 10, 2008
    If the same part has been replaced 3 times, then at least you should get a replacement. I would fight for one now, you've gone through so many repairs
  4. misterine macrumors member

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    just make sure to speak to them in a nice tone..
    and say that you need your computer everyday balhblahb
    theres a video on youtube
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    Just be cordial and the situation should resolve itself.
  6. spaceballl macrumors 68030


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    I had an iBook years ago that had a lot of major repairs. I think it was on repair four that they gave me a new computer. In contrast, my girlfriend has had 4 or 5 repairs on her macbook, and she hasn't gotten a replacement.
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    I've heard some saying after the third major repair (hard drive, logic board, optical drive, etc.) they've gotten it replaced when it came in for the fourth repair. I've also heard of techs saying it is after the fourth repair if it comes in for a fifth.

    I've never actually seen the policy stated exactly in Apple's legalese other than above for CA residents. It may be a separate U.S. consumer protection law that Apple is required to abide by, but at the same time doesn't need to be mentioned specifically.
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    Go into the Apple Store with a good attitude, and be nice to the Genius, discuss your problem calmly, and make sure to say that this will be the 3rd major repair. Most likely if you are nice, and you do say to the Genius that the same part has been replaced twice before.

    If the Genius doesn't suggest a replacement, you can ask to speak to the manager, once again be cordial, usually the managers will be much more willing to replace a machine than the Genius. At least in my experiences.

    The best thing for you is that if you get a replacement you will get a unibody MacBook Pro, with comparable specs.

    Good luck.
  9. osobogoso thread starter macrumors newbie

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    Thanks, you've all given good advice. It is in the shop they're supposed to let me know Tue or Wed what the issues are. I'm in Canada here and am dealing w/ an authorized repair shop, not Geniuses. Part of the prob I'm so pissed is that my last "apple experience" w/ a diff repair place was terrible. I was w/out my computer for over 3 weeks. I went there because it was the closest, 1hr away and the next one is just over 2 hrs away. That's a long round trip to take your computer to the shop. I have complained about this last experience a lot already w/ applecare. I tried to get them to pay for the shipping to the repair shop and the last message I had was that I would have to pay for shipping. This is a U.S. only deal. Apparently for such a "green" company they'd rather I drive my car 400km round trip and spent $30 on fuel rather than give me $15 for shipping. All this has added to my frustration as a "fanboy" who's having bad apple experience #2. **It's not over yet I'll let you know what happens!**

    I just wanted to note I am always cordial on the phone w them, for sure it depends on who you talk to that's why I wanted to know if customer relations would be better than applecare people. Or if they're one in the same.

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