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Jun 14, 2020
Got a weird situation: the AirTag I bought in July showed that I need to recharge the battery. Since we don’t have battery indicator anymore I can Not check what’s going on. What’s weird is that the notification arrived twice and both times today on iPad, instead of iPhone. Is there are a real chance the battery has discharged in just 3 months? It wasn’t even leaving home for more than a month (accumulated)


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Oct 23, 2014
Port Moody, BC, Canada
Well, they're not rechargeable - you swap them out. Secondly, when you DO get the low battery warning from FindMy, it enables the battery indicator for that item, showing it has a low battery. (at least, that's how it worked on the two items I've experienced it with).

The low battery indicator disappears a few seconds after you install a fresh battery and the airtag gives its status to FindMy.

Edit: Hmm. It would be interesting to disable your cellular and wifi radios (before replacing the battery) - see if the battery status updates when you're isolated from the FindMy network.

Also, if the CR2032's weren't so cheap, I'd say get it replaced under warranty - but for less than $1, it's not worth even wasting your time talking to Apple about it.

If that airtag chews through another battery in 3 months, you may have a dud - and then I'd contact Apple to get a replacement.
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