3 Questions - Shabby Migration Manager Performance and Terminal?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by garycurtis, May 12, 2014.

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    I tried using TERMINAL in a moment of brave inspiration. My first attempt. I found the instruction line to have Terminal print out a list of all folders on my internal HD. It didn't work. I tried two formulas? Anyone know a solution?

    Secondly, why does Migration Manager fail badly in transferring the OS to an external drive? My objective is to make that drive bootable.

    Why does the screen temporarily freeze when I right click the mouse to Move To Trash a selected item on the Desktop" It behaves like OS 9 all over again. Wait, Wait, Wait.
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    IMHO Migration Assistant is NOT a cloning program. It only transfers User Data and Applications.

    What you want in terminal (you can see in the thread postings What is the best way to clone a disk between two Macs) so find your own way with the manual (man) of a program:

     man dd
    This manual will point you via the terminal to clone an OS X drive. IMHO for cloning I would urge you to use the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner. Don't worry because it will clone across the internal network.
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    Not so shabbby. satcomer is right; Migration Ass't is for migrating user stuff AFTER you have installed the system software on a new drive. You can clone it there, which could also carry over your user data as mentioned. Or you could install system software on the new external, and then when you'd boot into it the setup assistant would run and allow you to migrate. It's a matter of right tool for right job.

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