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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lightstrum, Nov 15, 2012.

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    !3 is right. After a bit of serendipity in typing.That is how I am now calling my thirteen, because it is just such a jewel. On a trip to the Apple store, I recently upgraded to I5 and picked up an Ipad mini at same time. On way out of store I played with an !3, fell in love and that night got in on the !3/256 deal from Frys. I also use a Galaxy note when traveling overseas. With those four devices I thought that I was set for anything. I travel all the time and need flexibility. I would sell the 11 air and 4s and Ipad2

    Well the retina pro has upped the ante for visuals. Just stunning. And the I5 likewise is great, a real step up from the 4s. Not so great? the Ipad mini. At first I loved it, but when I got the mbp retina and used it for a few hours then went to the mini, it just looked like...inferior, whereas the Galaxy note really looked good.

    I realized that I don't need an ipad. With the I5 and it's larger screen I can do all the apps that I use and the Galaxy note does things that neither I5 nor Ipad can do. It is an amazing machine. I am going to upgrade to note II.

    Using the the I5 as a hotspot, let's me use the retina, and the Sammy with more functionality than I had before with the 4s att and Ipad2 att.

    So-with !3, Note II and I5, I have got lightweight, high end visuals, and incredible flexibility. Too bad bout the Ipad mini, but it is not in the same league as the other three and costs too much for what it is. I do not think that the rMBP costs too much. I think it is an incredible deal for what it has and doesn't have, weight and size. I will be upgrading every time a new one comes out. It is the perfect form factor Lappy for me.
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    what's a " !3 "..........is that 13" in teen language??

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