3 weeks in and pixels are dying at an alarming rate!! anyone else having problems?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by scruffyg, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. scruffyg, Jul 18, 2012
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    Jun 30, 2012
    ok so its three weeks today since i picked up my basic model rMBP.

    4 days after i got it a pixel died... or what i thought was 1 pixel. i decided to ignore it, but as time went on it started to bug me so on day 15 i brought it back to the shop i bought it in (no apple stores in Ireland). they said they would look into apples policy on getting it fixed.. if i had brought it in one day earlier it would have been fine.. 14 day is the limit for a straight swap or refund.... so I've been waiting to hear from them but yesterday another pixel went.. but this one is so small that i now realize that the firs death must have been a cluster of pixels.. 2 or 4 as it is bigger than yesterdays one...... but today the count has gone to 6 unique areas of death... 4 appear to be single pixels and 2 appear go groups. so thats at least 6 pixels but if the two bigger ones are groups of 4 then its 12 dead in 3 weeks.

    I will bring it back to the shop tomorrow, but I'm concerned.. are these displays not robust enough for a laptop? i bring mine with me everywhere so it gets the usual amount of bumps day to day.. I've had about 7 MBPs over the years and this is my first problem with pixels dying.

    anyone else having problems?

    also sometime (about 4 times) when i open it up from sleep the screen is glitchy as hell , reminds me of windows, redraw problems etc.. i have to reboot when this happens.

    thanks !

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    You should not be experiencing any of these issues. It's unfortunate an Apple store is hard to reach because what you're experiencing is seemingly an isolated case. You're the extreme.

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