30" Apple Display: Concerns about buying now

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by -Noodles, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Oct 18, 2007
    I was really hoping for a price drop or update today on the monitors. I am buying a new mac pro and will need a display. I had planned on going with the 30".

    I haven't done the research on what's current technology for displays. How does apple's 30" compete given its age? Is there anything I should be overly concerned about?

    I'm leaning towards buying one despite their age. Knowing the resale value will be high is comforting. It would be extremely irritating if they are holding back an upgrade for later in the quarter knowing the mac pro update will help empty their current inventory.

    Given that there's a 30" display in every apple store I've seen it in use enough times to feel comfortable with its performance (colors, brightness, etc). Unfortunately with other 30" displays you have to go mostly by review and hope their satisfaction will equal your own as there is not an opportunity to see them in use anywhere. Input would be appreciated - thx :)
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    Oct 27, 2006
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    I'm someone who usually upgrades when Apple comes out with something radically different.. but unless they do something amazing (i.e. Laser, OLED) the 30" Apple Display is one of those things i can imagine keeping for some time.. as of date its still the longest living Apple product in my household. There is a high resale value for the monitor, many studios and high end offices who like to keep aesthetic integrity across the board will still likely be very interested in buying yours if and when a new display range is introduced, so as you say that will be some comfort in that.

    but you can't go wrong with one, other monitors have better specs on paper, but many video editors and graphic designers like myself still prefer the performance of the apple display especially when coupled with a mac, i still find it the most accurate display for the money, the colors out of the box may be slightly on the vivid side, but the color profile works really well for everyday operations and for displaying material to clients it's unbeatable imo. And of course you can also calibrate it to match your needs.

    it all depends on how badly you need the 'look' of the apple monitor, and how important color accuracy is to you, if those aren't factors to you, then maybe look at the Dell 3008WFP, the technology is more up to date so you won't feel too lost if and when apple update the line, it also has more connections which you might find useful.

    If i was in Apple's shoes though, i would personally be hard pressed as to why i would want to update the monitor, it still sells well and even amongst its higher specced competitors its still seen as an object of desire. It only looks out of date because we've seen it around for so long, but it still looks amazing and it doesn't look out of place even against the most recent product, the Macbook Air. The design of it is still the pinnacle of Display design, and the spec still stands up, I haven't been blown away by any of the more modern releases in comparison.. and playing the next generation footage on it (i.e Red) shows how well it has been future proofed. A lot of people complain its missing iSight, but i know a lot of people who don't want a professional grade monitor with a built in webcam, so part of me cant see that addition being added to the next update. The only thing Apple will do i feel is release something with radically new technology.. and i don't think that will happen until later this year when the prices become more realistic. The latest Mac Pro hasn't changed its design, and going by the Air i don't feel the next Macbook Pros are going to change drastically either, even the new keyboards share many design quirks of the cinema display, i think Apple are taking the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" approach.

    though saying all this no doubt Apple will release the new 1cm thick 100% environmentally friendly magnetically suspended display next week.. :rolleyes:

    but if you really need a monitor and can't wait (the earliest an update would be is spring as you say), then just get the cinema display, you won't lose a massive amount of money if you need to sell it in the near future as it'll be new, and even if you don't you'll still have one of the best looking monitors money can buy. A new monitor isn't going to enhance your work/everyday life as much as a faster CPU will for example, for that reason alone i never get too stressed about the monitor being updated. I still see a lot of the old cinema displays in the studios, and they still look the business!

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