30-pin charge + audio breakout?


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Mar 23, 2009
Should be a simple thing to find, but I haven't had much luck.

I'd like a cable (preferably in black - why does Apple insist on making only white cables for black phones?) with a 30-pin dock connector on one end, and a USB plug (for charging) and an audio mini-plug on the other end.

This is for my car. (Mini Cooper).

I'd prefer that a SINGLE cable lead from the 30-pin connector (not two separate cables), with reasonable-length (say, 12 inch) "pigtails" at the other end. (My accessory outlet and audio input are pretty close together). Has to have enough length to dress it nicely from the mount to the center console area.

Right now, I'm using separate charging cable and audio cable to the top connector, which is less than ideal. Only plus is it's a long audio cable, and can reach the back seat for guest's playlists.

I've been able to find this, but only (presumably poor quality) no-names, and only in white.

I know about the little breakout dongle blocks. Don't want that. Also don't want the Apple multimedia connector - don't need all those extra connectors.

Alternative I've considered is a dock extender cable and bury a breakout block behind the dash. (I'd add an accessory outlet behind the dash in that case, and then route an audio cable to the input in the console cubby.)


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Apr 11, 2007
Searching Google for ""dock connector" usb audio out" seems to pull up some options.
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