30 pin connector/Dock Compatibility?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by galenmd, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I have not heard any discussion regarding the compatibility of our old accessory cables/docks with the iPhone 4. I remember that there was a charging issue with one of the versions (I think it was from the original to the 3g).

    Has there been any confirmation or discussion about this issue? Aside from the actual physical design that could be remedied for my existing docks with new dock adapters, I am wondering if there will be any issues with cables/charging/back-up batteries, etc.

    As another related matter, my 3g connects to my car's stereo beautifully. I wonder if either the new phone, or iOS 4 will change this. As I am still running 3.1.2, I cannot test this myself yet.
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    The cables will work, I still have a cable from the original iPhone. Any docks that have shaped it to fit an iPhone probably won't fit (such as the original Apple dock with the 3G dock). I have some 3rd party docks that should work as it has space around it. The 30 pin connector hasn't changed.
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    The change you're referring to is Apple dropping Firewire support - basically, when the iPod was first released it was Firewire only. It then changed to USB, but Firewire was still supported for new models (originally syncing and charging were supported, and later charging only). Docks made in this time were either Firewire or USB based, but starting with the 2007 iPods (and then, as you said, the iPhone 3G in 2008), Apple dropped all support for Firewire accessories. As long as the dock is USB-based (and virtually all of the new ones available today are), then there shouldn't be any issues.
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    Was such a sad day when i couldn't charge my iphone via my :apple: iPod Hi-Fi
    Lucky my 5.5gen ipod does ;)

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