30 pin connector vs other connectors such as mini usb

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by maccrazed, Jun 28, 2010.

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    k so my thought process is a little crazy but here goes...

    I was watching a video posted by iphone4wdw which they shot with their iphone and the quality was amazing. The only downside of the video is that it was a little shaky since it was shot without a tripod. This got me thinking of how awesome it would be if a tripod connection was on the iphone. I realized that since the iphone is so crammed already it would be hard to make this a reality. However, the 30 pin connector seems to take a lot of space. If the iphone used a miniUSB instead maybe they could include it. I know a tripod connection isn't what most iphone users are looking for but I am curious what benefits the 30 pin connector has over other standards like the miniUSB which seems to be used in every smartphone except the iphone. Any thoughts?

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    I'm pretty sure there are cases made for the iPhone that do stuff like this. Here's one simple example:


    I'm sure there are more complicated ones out there too.

    That kind of thing is much better than putting a port on the phone that only a small minority of people would use.
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    ya but im more interested in why apple uses the 30 pin connector rather than say miniUSB
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    USB can only transfer data and charge the phone. The 30 pin dock connector can do that, plus output line out-level audio, video, and also act as a USB host device for accessories that need it. The closest to it is the extUSB port some older HTC phones have, which also includes audio.

    Edit: Also, a quick Google search for "30 pin dock connector" would have given you more information much quicker. Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_Connector

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