30+ years of loyalty... destroyed...!

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    I have been trying to get my 17" MacBook Pro (late 2008) fixed since I lost all video in March, 2012. I have been a completely happy loyal to my core Apple User for 30+ years. I took my MBP to the Apple Store genius bar with the faith that they would help me as they always had before.

    We came to the decision at the genius's suggestion to opt for the $310 flat fee. They would go through it with a fine tooth comb and fix everything. Great deal I thought... until a few days later I get a phone call from Texas. They said that my MBP had "catastrophic water damage" and it would be over $1000 to fix it!! I was completely blindsided on all fronts. The genius had never mentioned the possibility of anything but $310 FLAT!! And I knew there had been NO water damage! So I said ship it back to Phx as is!
    I live 4 hours away from the Apple store so its a bit of a drive to get there. But I had to see why & see the evidence of this "catastrophic water damage" I knew didn't exist. I was in the store for FOUR hours!! When I finally left the store. I felt as though I had been literally beaten up I was so drained.... , my 30 years were utterly destroyed. I have NEVER been witness to or treated so deplorably by a business in my entire life. They couldn't show me any REAL evidence supporting their claim and had the audacity to treat me as if I WAS the Liar. We even had to resort to opening up the laptop IN the store ourselves to prove that it had NEVER been opened by them! This type of treatment repeated itself for 2 more trips and numerous phone calls. And in the end, nothing on my laptop was fixed by Apple. They said it was beyond repair.

    I took it to a different Mac Repair service (MacMasters- thanks guys! ) for a second opinion. They found no evidence of the "water damage" and confirmed as we first suspected I needed a new Logic Board (Nvidia Issue... which for unknown reasons I didn't qualify for...grrrr). That would be $600 +/-, instead of the $310, and I couldn't afford that. Having no choice I took it home still broken.

    After many hours pouring over the web looking for what I had no real idea... I learned about the possibility "reflowing" the board. Then found the wonderful guys at doubleclickittofixit.com. I sent the LB to them and in under a week had the board back "reflowed" ($90 )!. I waited until my next trip to Phx and took it to MacMasters so I knew it was put back together correctly. The reflow worked I had video again!!

    But..... (sigh) now for the reason I'm here today. :confused: The machine turns on and starts the start up process (twice) then shuts off entirely. OMG im soo close to having it back!! I was told it was most likely firmware that needed to be reinstalled. So rather than pay $80 more for labor, they said the Apple Store should be able to do that no problem for me. You guessed it...WRONG!!
    I went in, they:apple: ran the diagnostic. The Logic board had issues (firmware) and the optical drive was shot. Everything else passed. That was great news for me :) Next thing I knew I was being told that my device had been "flagged" and they couldn't even touch it anymore at the store. UnFlippingBelievable... :mad: i had no choice but to leave.

    I have been trying to figure out these last few steps to reinstall the firmware. I hopefully will have a disk drive soon, but...? I've successfully connected to my old iMac G5 and my MBP via firewire target disk mode. I just dead end there. Can someone Please tell me how I can finish this? I have been able to transfer some of my hard drive to an external, but really don't want to have to wipe everything for a restore. I'm frustrated... and tired.... please help... Lastly I hope you'll forgive my need to vent.... sorry :eek:
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    Yes... My apologies. I hadn't intended on telling the whole story. Once I started I couldn't stop. It's really been an Epic battle of sorts. I lost focus ... Sorry.

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