30inch ACD with Dual 2.5 G5


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Aug 30, 2006
I just purchased a 30inch ACD and have the ATI Radeon 9800 XT. It won't power the display and I called my local apple store and they sold me the NVIDA 6600 as the best option. Only problem is that the 6600 doesn't fit any of the AGP or PCI slots. Does anyone know of a graphics card that I can add to my machine and power a 30inch ACD? one note, I don't want to spend too much as I am going to be buying a new Mac Pro once Photoshop CS3 comes out.

Thanks for your help.


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Nov 8, 2005
joeldavidflory said:
will the 9600 power a 30 and 23 inch ACD?
From memory it does. There are 4 cards in total that work in tour machine that power a 30" ACD. 6800 Ultra 6800 GT 800XT and 9650. The 9600 that ATI sells retail is similar to the 9650 but is designed to run in G4's as well as G5's. Try ebay - the 9650's aren't all that expensive as they were the standard card in the dual 2.7 and a $50 option in the last dual single cores. The other three are much better graphics cards but are quite a bit more expensive. Hope this helps. Oh and 6800's can run 2 x 30".