32GB Dell Venue 8 Pro now $229

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Lloydbm41, Jan 28, 2014.

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    From my research, initially, most people are really awed by the fact that they have a full windows tablet in a small form factor. However, many kind of leave it at that. Also, even if these are good, the feeling is that new ones are coming and that they will be a lot better? Why the dramatic price drop? I, too, am tempted, but for the above reasons, I may wait.

    Also, Amazon has a lot of these from returns for both the 32gb and 64gb (many reviewers are recommending the 64gb version). Just for thought...
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    Staples had it for $229 as well 2 weeks ago. I nearly bought one until I considered that there is no HDMI out (so no using an external monitor with it). The single microUSB port can only serve one purpose at a time (USB device or charging) further hampering it's potential use at a desk.

    Full x86 Windows sounds great at first glance, but after a few moments thinking about it, none of the legacy apps I would use on it have UIs conducive to using it in touch mode.

    And then I was reminded of how claustrophobic it feels to use Windows on a sub-10" screen. (I had a 7" Asus eeePC netbook)

    I haven't written off 8" Windows tabs, but one will have to have as many connectivity options as my Surface RT before I would seriously consider one.
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    I bought one back when and returned it. I did not get a good price so I did not feel it was worth what it costed for me personally.

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