32GB Flash module now available from Toshiba

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SirOmega, Sep 26, 2008.

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    So what does this mean? Previously, no one made 32GB flash modules (not that I could find with google anyways). These are slated for mass production in Q4 2008 (Oct-Dec).

    Press Release

    Now the next question is can Apple use these 32GB flash modules in the iPhone. These chips are designed for SSD SATA drives, so can Apple take one and throw it in an iPhone? I dunno, the web page says the modules have a SATA interface, but that seems somewhat unlikely (usually there is one sata controller chip on the SSD).

    The question after that is would they? They currently use Samsung flash, and Samsung will probably have 32GB modules out in early Q2 2009, so its not unreasonable to think Apple might wait.
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    The iPhone doesn't use that kind of module. The iPhone uses a simple memory chip, with no special SATA interface or anything else that makes it look like a drive.

    However, the module's memory is made up of 8x4GB chips stacked up, so it seems likely that a 32GB memory chip should be available for things like the iPhone.
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    32 gb still seems like a strange concept to bring up 3 months after the release of 3g, I think it will still take untill summer 09 or 2010

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