360 Repair or Purchase new one?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by bleufire, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Apr 28, 2007
    I waited for launch day to get my 360 and unfortunately i have already had to send it in 3 times for RRoD! (One time I waited for Halo 3 for 2 hours and when I got home and opened up the CD tray put Halo in and when it closed it whirled a second and the RRoD came up AT THAT VERY MOMENT!)

    Back on track though... So I have been having some "Unreadable Disk" Issues going on. I have to open and close my tray multiple times to get it to work and usually at about the 3rd-5th time of opening and closing it will work.

    I called MS tech support to check and see if warranty would cover and found out that RRoD is covered for 3 years BUT the Optical Drive and everything else is 1 year warranty. DAMNIT! They want me to pay 99$ for a repair/replacement drive.

    I thought about it and then the price drop occured on the 360. For a 100$ more i can get a new/fresh 360 without the wear and tear i put on my current one.

    My question is, Is my thinking on this a good idea or am I flushing 100$ down the toilet? They say i get an additional yr of warranty but i get a new 3 yr warranty on the RRoD if i purchase new. I am also thinking, aren't they on a different chipset of xboxs right now? That don't fail as often? and that are Quieter than before? Cause my current one still sounds like a Commercial Airliner taking off when i turn it on.
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    I would get a new one. See if you can find a smokin' deal on an Arcade like we have here in Canada right now (Arcade + Gears + Force Unleashed for $200) then trade in any games you get plus your busted 360 to EB Games. They used to take broken consoles (they would have the refurbed then sell for some inflated price) and see if you can recoup the money you spent on the new system. The new systems are supposed to have a lesser fail rate and are quieter. Plus yeah another 3 year warranty, no waiting!
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    Apr 28, 2007
    Wow, didn't think about trading it in and rebuying one! Thanks!

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