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    I know this is probably a long shot but here is my story:

    So i bought a Sony Bloggie camera, and sprang for the extra $20 for the 360 video recording attachment. So sony touts on their website how great this camera and their software plays with Mac and PC..... the truth is only the mobile dumbed down version of their software works on a Mac.... the full version is PC only. unfortunately the full version is needed in order to convert and watch videos shot with the 360 attachment. fine no problem thats why man invented VMWARE..... so I install the software on my windows XP virtual machine with XP sp3. the software converts the video but whenever i try to watch it the thing crashes and i get that report error to microsoft message.

    so my question is, are there any alternatives I can use preferably on Mac which will play the 360 video?

    I know alot of websites have 360 virtual tour videos embedded.
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    Apple used to make its own software for creating interactive panoramas. Unfortunately, they discontinued it. It seems like the industry is moving to Flash to create them.


    Here are some pretty impressive examples done with Flash:


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