$369 for iphon...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by invernizzigusta, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Jun 26, 2007
    It's a fine price, but I'd say that auction looks a little fishy. It's listed under cell phone accessories as a headset. Also, the item location is Italy, but the cost for UPS Next Day Air shipping to the United States is only $10? I don't think so...

    Be very careful with the wording of eBay auctions. The item description is: "BRAND NEW FULLY UNLOCKED 8 GIG IPHONE FIRMWARE 1.1.1". The seller could easily just send you a copy of the iPhone version 1.1.1 firmware, claiming that's what the auction was for.
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    seems like his/her feedback checks out. But just be careful, as with anything on ebay..
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    Jun 6, 2007
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    eBay sales of Apple iPhone...

    you really need to pay close attention to their "negative feedback" and their "neutral feedback" as well. Also, not a whole lot of "US" or international sales; mostly Italy, at least from the feedback in Italian. It would seem the buyer didn't place a reserve on the iPhone, so that means if the highest bidder is at @$212.50 as it is now, then the seller loses money on the sale of the iPhone and has to ship next day to the US. I also noticed that he has been selling electronic items, such as: PDA, Cyber-Shot Sony Camera, and a memory stick. So, if you don't mind the next day shipping from Italy, (not sure if that's possible for $10.00) then "let the buyer beware!" You also have the PayPal warranty of up to $2000.00, but my experience with that is the length of time eBay takes to complete those refund transactions (usually MONTHS, not DAYS!) to the buyer's satisfaction. Why would you want to buy an iPhone by biding on it, when you're not really sure "WHAT YOU ARE GETTING" until it arrives in the mail? :cool:

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