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    A client asked me over to help him move some of his documents and misc information over to his new iPad from his laptop. Not a big deal. I set up Dropbox for all of his documents and showed him how to use it. Showed him how Photo Stream will handle the pictures he wants to sync, etc. That all seemed to work well enough.

    But, he wants to dispose of the laptop. (Don't blame him, it's a 5 year old Toshiba running Windows Vista). He wants to have his iPad and iPhone as his only computing devices. He's a pilot and travels a lot in his work. He loves the small size of the iPad, very convenient.

    My brain kind of locked up when he asked. I've been a computer guy for 25+ years. How do you remove your only computer from the mix? What? No computer? You need some kind of device to be the anchor for all of your digital information. Don't you?

    Two possible solutions would be iCloud and / or Dropbox. You can get 50GB of iCloud storage a year for $100 or 100GB of Dropbox storage for $100. Dropbox would probably be the better choice.

    Just can't wrap my head around this working out that well. With 37GB of photos you'd have some issues. You'd need a 64GB iPad if you wanted to have all the photos offline. Don't think Dropbox could sync all that to an iOS device - isn't there a 2GB limit or other size limit for Dropbox on iOS?

    Anyway, part of me wants to just say "dude you're crazy, you gotta have a PC lying around". But the other part is intrigued with the possibilities and the thought that this type of setup is the future.
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    I think you're guy is onto the future of where computing is heading. But I don't think we're there yet. The cloud is very useful, but I'm not so sure I'd have my sole copy of important data stored there.

    Too many bugs, too much downtime, too many times where things just go missing.
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    The problem at this point is paying for storage is just to expensive in the cloud vs just buying an external hard drive. He really should just keep a cheap computer around. I know for me I have hundreds of gigs of music movies pics and documents (over 500 gigs) that I use all the time and I am not always in internet connection (or have limited internet bandwidth) so having it stored locally is a better solution for me. So until the internet providers or cell providers give me unlimited data bandwidth having offline storage is a necessity.
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    This is really not that hard. Photo's you have Photostream for your first 1000 to access, no problem, the others, you can put them on Flickr, Photobucket, Picsa, etc. For about $25 a year you have unlimited long term storage, although I do not think I would trust just one of them, too bad the ipad doesn't let you export photos to an SD card...or does it? The issue is he needs to make a concious process for transfering the pictures to these places; Dropbox will actually transfer your pictures automatically as soon as you open the app, but the Dropbox storage prices are high IMHO.

    Other data, well iCloud handles all of your documents and iPad back ups and if you add in the free storage from Google Drive, Amazon and or Dropbox you have a lot of places to store things and can get upwards of 10 to 20 GB of storage for free in addition to the 64 GB local storage.

    So depending on what he needs to store it really isn't so hard to manage for a low cost of about $25 to $50 a year.

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