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    Jersey City is nice (I know a lot of people who hate it though, but there's a lot to do, apartments are cheaper)....I love Westchester, but I don't know hot it is for young, single guys.
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    I was in the same boat about a year ago. I went around Jersey City, it was mostly a dump. There was a large Hispanic population in the area I was looking at. I'm not sure if you are looking for a mostly Caucasian area, otherwise Jersey City might have something to offer. I would check out Bloomfield, NJ. I ended up living there for about a year, it is right next to Glen Ridge and has low crime. Just make sure you are on the side farthest from Newark. It has a large Italian population, they actually shot the final scene of the Sopranos series in a diner in Bloomfield. Hoboken is cool if you got the cash, but otherwise look for places near Bloomfield and The Caldwells. Good luck.

    Edit: Oh and there are train stations within walking distance (15-25 min.) that connect to the PATH trainstation which get you over to Manhattan. The commute is about an hour.

    Check this site out:

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    Long Island
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    There are lots of lovely cities in central New Jersey situated along the NJ Rail lines within an hour of Penn Station. They tend to be more to the southeast of NYC. I thought Westfield was pretty cute -- they even have a Trader Joe's there!

    Don't know how happening it would be for meeting people, but NYC is a short train ride away.

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