38mm SS SB impressions

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by MarkB786, Sep 21, 2016.

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    Moved from a S0 38mm SS silver watch to the SS gray SB S2. Quick impressions:

    - I don't notice a marked improvement in responsiveness (so far), but there is some.
    - I really liked the silver frame on the S0. I always thought the contrast looked nice. However, the gray is "elegant." So much so that it seems to "out-class" the black sports band a little too much IMHO. Still getting used to the darker watch. I will try my silver Milanese this evening to see how it looks.
    - The gray watch shows smudges much more than the silver frame. Not a big deal at all; simply something I noticed.
    - The new black sports band seems softer, while the S0 sport band seems more rubbery. I prefer the S2 sport band.
    - The S2 is indeed easier to read outdoors. This was a main driver for me, and it works.
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    some real life pictures would be appreciated. how's the coating holding up?

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