3D Touch for messages has to be Improved over time

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by GC251114, Oct 15, 2015.

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    I've had my 6s Plus for a couple of days now , & as I expected I totally love it.

    Looked forward to the 3D Touch & on the whole I'm not disappointed. unlike a few posts on here , I'm not finding the feature with messages too frustrating. At the minute the 3 contacts that always appear for me are the 3 most used contacts I text. Now I've read certain posts where totally random at any time of the day , so currently I'm not having that behaviour.

    Now this is what I find frustrating though & rather bizarre.

    When messages is pressed , the first option is New Message. Select that & you are obviously taken to the screen to compose & send a new message. But , you obviously have to press the + symbol to select a contact or input the number if that person is not in your contacts. Surely , the majority of people you text are those that you know , so therefore would be in your contacts. I just find this option pointless & redundant & can't see any benefit of it.

    More frustrating. Why when a message comes in & shows the notification on the messages badge , when you 3D Touch it , why doesn't the name of the sender appear in that list with the message number next to their name. Just slide finger onto that contact , press & you're taken straight to that conversation - all from the home screen. Example being , one of the contacts that has always appeared in the list for me is Mum. Now my mum has just text me , however when I 3D Touch messages , I have no idea that mum has text me as there's no (1) next to Mum. So basically I can't slide down to the contact & press to open. So basically again no quicker than just opening messages as we have been in the past.

    Now I know 3D Touch is in its infancy , & I'm excited with regards to what this may offer in the future , but even though a first release I do feel Apple could've thought this through a lot better. It's there to save us time etc , but I'm either missing the point here with regards to messages , or it's been released rather half cocked. Unfortunately I've read nothing about any improvement in 9.1 , so it may be a long wait.

    Am I just being fussy ?

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