iPhone 3G 4.1 bricked


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Oct 12, 2012
iPhone: 3G
iOS: 4.1 (or none) :p
Baseband: 05.14.02
Jailbreak: redsn0w
Activated: yes
OS: Win 7 x64

Hello boys & girls!

I'm here looking for some help. My little sister has bricked her iPhone. The thing is:

  1. The iPhone has been jailbroken with redsn0w and Cydia was NOT synced via wifi afterwards.
  2. We don't have SHSH saved on a server, Cydia's or any other places.
  3. "Erase All Contents and Settings" was accessed right after jailbreaking.
  4. Of course, iTunes shows a "The iTunes update server could not be contacted" message.


We have an empty jailbroken phone without SHSH saved. Some people said there is a tethered restoring method but I haven't found anything around. Perhaps, you have any other ideas.

Thank you,


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Aug 15, 2009
Connecticut, USA
It's in a boot loop, on some occations it snaps out of it untouched, sometimes it doesn't and a restore is required.
If it were just in a boot loop, your advice would be good. But it's not just in a boot loop. Erase All Contents and Settings deletes files that are essential to the jailbreak. Resetting will do nothing in this situation.
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