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    A list of features that do and don't work on the 3G for OS4

    What works

    * Folders
    * Threaded mail
    * iTunes playlist creation / editing
    * 5x digital zoom: just tap on the display near the capture button, but be warned, it doesn't paint a pretty picture
    * iBooks: we were having issues with the earlier build, but it seems to be running fine after today's official download -- PDFs work, too.
    * Photos: you can now sort by albums, events, faces, and places
    * Game center: the icon is present, but as of this writing we're unable to connect to the servers.
    * Spell check has been updated

    What doesn't work

    * Multitasking: this is the big one. Double-tapping the home button doesn't give you the handy menu, there's no fast app switching, and background use is missing in action.
    * Screen lock: normally in the multitasking menu (which isn't available on 3G), it's nowhere to be found, even under Settings. Bummer.
    * Home screen wallpaper: you'd think this simple addition would make the cut, but sadly no. The dock has been given a visual upgrade, though.
    * Bluetooth Keyboard support: we haven't tried this ourselves, but an influx of reports from Twitter suggest this is also a no-go.
    * Spotlight: the iPhone 3GS can search the web and Wikipedia from the homescreen. The 3G? Not so lucky.

    Source Endgadget

    I don't see why the did not include the spotlight search extras and also a background. These would all work totally fine on the 3G, seems like apple being apple again taking features out that would work to give people the incentive to upgrade :(
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