3G battery issues

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    So I've just moved from my wifi only iPad to a 3G on. The battery life on the wifi only was great. But the 3G is no where near as good. I only have used it on wifi at the moment but I can't see how the 3G battery would differ so much. At first I used therestoredsettingfrom my old wifi only but ive just done a full restore and fresh start up and the battery life is still crap. Every hour i loose about 15% battery life. Is there any test i can do to give me some idea if the batteries shot? I'm getting about 5 hours sold use which is a combination of browsing, games, reading. So no major stuff. 3G is switched off so only using wifi at the moment.

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    Did you check if there any open location based apps who might be using the A-GPS? Because the battery should be the same.Also, make sure the "Celluar Data" option is off.

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