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    Feb 18, 2005
    At my office I only seem to get the Edge network.
    IN the past few days however I discovered that if I reboot the phone it will actually log onto a 3G network and will stay like that for a while. Later on it will eventually go back down to E. And again, if I reboot .....

    There is quite a big difference in performance between the two, but evidently both are available. My question: why does the iPhone tend to "prefer" the E network ??

    thx !
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    The iPhone tends to go to the Edge network because it can get better service at your office on the Edge network than on the 3G network. When you reboot your iPhone, it probably shows 5 bars of 3G then shows the true number of bars after the full boot is done. Then later it realizes that it would be safer (not to drop calls) to be on the Edge network.

    Everywhere there is 3G service, there is 2G (Edge) service. This is because 3G is a newer technology that AT&T is upgrading too. They are still keeping the 2G network available (for now) because not all phones currently support 3G and/or have a 3G SIM card. We will probably see a 3G switchover (like the digital television one) sometime a few years down the road. Maybe when AT&T is upgrading to 5G.:p

    I hope this is a good explanation and has clarified any confusions you may of had. Please don't hesitate to post back to this with any other questions.


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