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Discussion in 'iPod' started by cleo, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I'm buying a new nano in anticipation of an 8-hr flight later this week. I haven't been to the Apple Store since the 3G's were released, and don't have time in my schedule between now and my trip, so I'm ordering via Amazon Prime. I've had 7 (yes, that's "seven") various iPods thru the years, but this will be my first to play video. I'm leaning towards either blue or green, as I've already had black, white, red, and pink models. But I have a couple questions:

    1: As far as the blue and green, would you consider them to be bright/vibrant, or more soft/pastel? Ie., lime green or avocado? Electric sky blue, or baby blue?

    2: Do you find having a colored case to distract from/cast tint on videos? I'm so used to watching TV and movies in either black or silver frames, I'm concerned that the colors might not fade into the background as much as a neutral housing would.

    3: Is the casing glossy or matte finish?

    4: Is the silver truly silver-looking, or more gray? And is the black truly black, or more charcoal in appearance?

    Any other thoughts you might have on choosing a color - other than "pick the one you like best" - would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have the green 3rd gen nano. I'd call it art deco. It's a pale or pastel green. The finish is matte. The 2nd gen green skinny nano was a brighter color. The green mini was more avocado.

    I don't find that the color of the 3rd gen nano calls attention to itself as framing versus the video display.

    Right now I have a purple iSkin Duo case on mine. I'm watching an episode of CSI Miami and my brain is not sending me any signals like "Yuk!! Look at that horrible purple next to the orange jump suit of the prisoner!!"

    If you don't like the color you can get a case. Get one anyway.... I like the iSkin duo for the 3rd gen nano, the one with the hard shell on the front, it really protects the nano nicely and looks shiny-cool kinda like metallic car paint. It definitely changes the look of the thing. I mean it's less subtle.

    I have seen the silver one, it's nice too, it's more or less like the silver 2gen nano or even the silver mini. It's just sorta there. It was that or the green one for me.
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    I have the charcoal black 3G 8GB ipod nano. Yes, it is a charcoal black and it is matte. Personally, I think it's the best looking one. The black makes it look even smaller than it is.

    In terms of cases..... I couldn't find a case that I would truly be happy with. I tried 3 cases, and found them all imperfect.

    I tried the iSkin duo and the Contour Showcase. The duo was too difficult to put on and take off. So I returned it. The Contour had scratches on it already when I took it out of the box (I must have looked at 6 of them), and I could see it getting scratched up very easily, especially over the screen. That would suck. Yes, it protects the nano, but why would I want a distorted view of the screen? So I returned that too.

    I knew the only way I was going to get a case I would totally be happy with, was if I modified one to my liking.
    Here is what I did:

    I bought the inCase Leather Sleeve and cut out the crappy soft plastic screen protector. I cut it out because it caused a bad glare over the screen, and it would trap dust between the screen and the crappy soft plastic "screen protector". I really like the upside down belt clip, so when you look down, you can see the screen upside-up.

    I also bought a proper screen protector film. When it is on the screen, you can't even see it. And it protected my old 30 GB iPod perfectly when I had one on that. I didn't put the film anywhere else on the nano, it isn't necessary.

    Now that the nano has the screen protector, and it's in the inCase, it's well protected, the screen looks great, and the controls are easily accessed.

    Just my 2 cents.... hope that was somewhat helpful.

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