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Discussion in 'iPad' started by LouieSamman, Jun 4, 2010.

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    YouTube on 3G sucks but what I come to notice is that the loading is very fast and reaches to the end quickly. Now since it has finished loading the video it is still being played and got me wondering that within the time the loading finished why can't they up the quality to have it be close to the moving ball instead of surpassing it by so much?

    I have a few apps and websites I tried that keeps a great quality on 3G without having to wait on the loading.

    The YouTube app on 3G has horrible quality and it looks like the quality can go higher without having the video stopping from the loading time.

    Is this all because of AT&T?

    I understand that this will change once 4G comes to AT&T or when they can better handle the traffic but as of now YouTube quality on 3G makes it not so watchable.
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    I am fine with the quality from my provider although ive only viewed about 3 vids over 3G
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    The ABC Player and Netflix app look pretty good over 3G. However, ABC Player can consume a lot of data so with the new 2GB cap on AT&T's data plan you'd only be able to watch about one hour of video per week (or something over 4 hours per month to burn through that 2GBs). Of course, you need a pretty good 3G connection to get high quality video. My iPad 3G tests out to about 1.5Mbps (often up to 2Mbps) in my home and the ABC Player looks very good at that connection speed (the player seems to use something like 800Kbps, which surprisingly is about twice what Apple recommends as a maximum for streaming over a cellular network).
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