3G Owners: Plans for not/upgrading to 3GS?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Luke1robb, Jun 14, 2009.


Plans for not/upgrading to 3GS from 3G?

  1. Upgrading immediately & paying extra upgrade fee

    15 vote(s)
  2. Wait until I'm upgrade eligible

    5 vote(s)
  3. Waiting until June 2010 for the next iPhone

    12 vote(s)
  4. None of the above

    6 vote(s)
  1. Luke1robb macrumors 6502a


    May 3, 2008
    Cambridge, MA/Smithfield, RI
    So now that us 3G owners are still in a position where we can upgrade without an extra fee (most of us until at least October), what do you plan on doing in terms of iPhone 3GS? Upgrade now, later, never? Answer the poll!
  2. AmpCoder macrumors 6502

    Mar 27, 2007
    I am upgrading now using the upgrade eligibility of another line on my FamilyTalk plan. (My iPhone 3G is eligible for update on July 12, so it was a fair trade )
  3. nfl46 macrumors 604

    Oct 5, 2008
    Upgrading immediately & paying extra upgrade fee
  4. iphonefan67 macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2009
  5. panzer06 macrumors 68030


    Sep 23, 2006
    The poll needs an option for upgrading to 3GS without extra fees.
  6. nfl46 macrumors 604

    Oct 5, 2008
    An extra $200, on top of upgrade fee of $18.

    So, 399/499 + 18

    And some 3G owners have to pay 599/699 + 18
  7. da meat tree macrumors member

    Sep 4, 2008
    I am personally waiting until people start selling them on craigslist or ebay, I don't mind paying the extra $200 but I don't want to extend my contract.
  8. nfl46 macrumors 604

    Oct 5, 2008
    They prices are dropping like CRAZY on eBay.

    I saw a BRAND NEW 16GB 3G sell for $305 yesterday.
  9. Macintosh69 macrumors member


    Oct 16, 2008
    Upgrading Now! This is the iphone that truly meets ALL of my needs. I don't think I'll need to upgrade again for a while after this.
  10. beamer8912 macrumors 65816

    May 30, 2009
    I don't see the point in paying so much for such a minor update, when the 2010 will have a dual core CPU and significantly improved internals over the 3GS.
  11. Warbrain macrumors 603


    Jun 28, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    My contract isn't up for renewal until after WWDC next year so I'm not even going to bite on this update. I bought one of the 99 dollar refurbs back in March to replace my original iPhone so I'm happy regardless of what happens. I'm glad I didn't wait for WWDC.

    Why buy this one when my contract will be up when there could/should be a new iPhone that may prove to be significantly better than what is out.

    My 3G will serve me well.
  12. kwyn macrumors regular

    Jan 9, 2009
    If I was eligible, I would strongly consider uprading. We got our 3Gs in October. However, since I am not, I don't think it's worth the extra $200 right now.

    It's gonna suck for a year, listening to you all talk about the exciting new 3GS features, etc... but...

    Next summer, I'll be thankful I waited!!! Who knows what's in store for the next iPhone. And if there isn't a new iPhone, then perhaps I'll get the 3GS depending on everything I hear throughout the year.

    So, yeah, I'm gonna wait, but part of me wishes I could get the 3GS... oh well...
  13. Bowlerguy10 macrumors 6502

    Sep 23, 2007
    At my computer
    I'm waiting until I'm eligible for an upgrade in September of 2010, at that time I will buy whatever iPhone is currently available and once again wait through the next one and buy the one after that. I'm not going to bend over for ATT and Apple especially after I paid $400 about 7 months ago for a phone that is now only $100. I'm certainly not going to be in a rush to throw them more of my money....
  14. ajpprc macrumors member

    Jul 13, 2006
    Just open another line

    I have two lines on a family plan account, each of which has the contract expire in alternating years. That way I can get a new phone each year at the subsidized price, and it only costs an extra $9.99 per month. I use the second line as my business number so I do get use out of it, but it seems to me that the $120 per year this would cost is the cheapest way to get a subsidized iPhone 3G S.

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