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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by agjake01, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010
    A couple of quick questions regarding upgrading my 8GB 3G to the the new iPhone 4:

    1. My contract is up under the 6mo early release and I want to sell my 3G on eBay or Craigs List to pay for the new $199.00 16G contract. Do I need to wait until I purchase the iPhone 4 before I sell my 3G for for the contract to transition correcly, ie.. continued unlimited data plan?

    2. How does the sim card transition work if I sell my 3G? If I include the sim card with the 3G and sell it before buying the iPhone 4, will that affect my contract rollover? How should I go about doing all of this?

    3. What do you all expect a mint condition 8G 3G to go for on eBay or Craigs List.. before.. after the iPhone 4 release date?

    4. Lastly, I see unlocked 3G phones going for quite a bit more on eBay right now compared to AT&T locked phones. Can I unlock mine before I sell it now that my contract is up? Will that affect my contract roll over?

    Thanks to all for the help!

    - Anxioulsy awaiting the JB for iPhone 4 -
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