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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RobNor, Nov 20, 2010.

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    I have an iphone 4 using a Three SIM card in the UK.Everything's been fine upto this week, I've been able to get good 3G reception at home and at work.On Thursday everything was fine but on Friday I noticed at work that I wasn't getting any e-mails all I was getting was 'Connecting...' so I tried the web,nothing it just timed out.I had 3 bars and the 3G symbol was showing,I could make calls and receive text messages.I tried rebooting and then doing a hard reset still no change.When I got home I still had no data but did still have the 3G symbol.I tried my Three Mifi and this worked okay so I thought that the network must be okay and the problem was with the phone.

    I then swapped out the Three SIM for an O2 SIM,now on O2 I cannot get a 3G signal where I live only GPRS or sometimes Edge.After installing the O2 SIM I had the GPRS circle symbol so I tried e-mail and the web and this time I could download data.

    Could something have gone wrong with the 3G part of the phone but not the GRPS?
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    maybe that company uses a different frequency of 3G that the iPhone doesn't support, go to settings and turn off 3G to see if you get data working w/ EDGE only, if it works w/ EDGE then is the 3G frequency not supported...
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    I can only assume 3 had a network burp or your carrier settings somehow got changed. Best to check your APN or reset network settings.

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