3G Speed a lot lower after 2.2

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by VforVelveta, Dec 15, 2008.

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    After installing the 2.2 update, I started noticing that my data speeds on 3G dropped a lot. Before I was getting 1 Mbps and up, now I'm lucky if I make it to 300 kbps. I thought maybe AT&T was just doing something with the towers, but I checked Google one day and found this article


    The article there describes exactly what's going on with my phone, and folks in the comments seem to have similar things to say. Has anyone here seen something like that or know a way to fix it?
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    I've not seen that problem. I just disconnected from WiFi, went back to 3G, and tested using DSLReports Speed Test (AppStore)...

    I get 1.5Mbps down, as shown below. I suggest a backup, restore, then set it up as a new phone, and restore from backup. That's what I have been doing on every firmware update since 2.0...

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    Nope, 3G faster and battery life better than any other update

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