3G Speed/Reliability vs iPhone

Discussion in 'iPad' started by fjfjfjfj, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Some users have argued that the problem with the iPhone's ability to secure and keep good 3G connections is the antenna. They claim Apple's decision to integrate antennae in the outside of the new iPhone 4 is proof that the problem is more with the phone than AT&T's service. Have any of the iPad 3G users experienced better/faster/more readily available 3G service with the iPad and it's plastic antenna knock out?
    Said differently, does anyone with an iPhone in a poor 3G market (New York City) have better 3G reception with their iPad, lending credence to the theory that part of the problem with reception on the iPhone is in fact the antenna?
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    My 3G ipad gets solid 5 bars ATT connection everywhere in my house. Whereas my iPhone 3GS is getting 0-2 bars in the poor spots in my house. Also my wife's Nokia 3G ATT phone has great reception in my house.

    Pretty sure the iPhone is more the issue than ATT.

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