3G synch without getting wife's apps/contacts

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    My wife and I have I-Phone 3G version 4.2.1. When we got the phones, we set up an I-Tunes account on a windows 7 laptop.

    When I last updated the software and synched, I realized after that I now had all of her apps and phone numbers and she had all of mine. Neither of us wanted this so we went through getting rid of all the stuff that did not belong.

    I have been trying now for months- searching on Google and in the users guides- to find out how to synch so that this won't happen. But no luck. When I plug my phone into the computer and start I-Tunes, I see all of her apps listed. I assume the unwanted transfer will happen again if I synch.

    Finally ATT told me to set up a new user account on my computer. I did this, started I-Tunes and it was blank ( no music or apps). I plugged my phone into the computer. It shows up in I Tunes, and I can see all of my apps on the right. I click synch, it says on the phone and I-Tunes that a synch is taking place. But when I am done(message "synch complete"), none of the apps or music show up in the I-Tunes, as they do in the other computer user account.

    Any ideas on how to make this work in the new user computer account?

    Or any other ideas on how to synch my phone without getting all of my wife's apps/phone numbers and vice versa?
    Thanks in advance,
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