3G UK iPhone: Free Upgrade available in-store?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by netdog, Jun 20, 2008.

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    If I am on the £45/month plan, can I get my free 8GB iPhone or £59 16GB iPhone at any O2 store on July 11th or must I order it online?

    What about for those on the £35/month plan. Will the £99 and £159 phones be availlable to them in O2 stores?
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    Sep 30, 2007
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    Jun 3, 2008
    for current iphone customers from the o2 website

    'Best of all, the new 8GB iPhone 3G won't cost you a penny on our £45 and £75 Pay Monthly tariffs for iPhone. And it's just £99 on our £35 tariff and new £30 tariff. This special early upgrade offer is only available online at o2.co.uk anytime from 11th July until 11th October 2008.'
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    I asked o2 the same question regarding the 16gb handset and this is the reply I was sent:

    Thanks for emailing us about upgrading your contract to the new 3G version of the iPhone.

    You'll be able to upgrade to the 16GB iPhone 3G version when it launches on 11 July 2008 from the following:

    1) O2.co.uk
    2) O2 stores
    3) By calling our upgrades team on 08706 007 102.

    Our upgrades team is available Monday to Saturday between 08:00am and 08:00pm and Sunday between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Calls are free of charge from O2 Pay Monthly phones.

    For more information on this, please click on the links given below:



    We're offering the 16GB 3G iPhone free with the £75.00 tariff. It'll cost you £59.00 to on the £45.00 tariff and £159.00 to on the £30.00 and £35.00 tariffs. To view the full details of all our current iPhone tariffs, please visit the link below:


    This special early upgrade offer is only available from 11 July until 11 October 2008.

    I hope I've explained this clearly for you. You can also visit our website using the link www.o2.co.uk/iphone for the most up to date information on iPhone.
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    Fantastic. I was finding mixed messages on the O2 site. Good to know that I can actually go down to the shop and have a a look at the phone (and the colors) before adding 10 months to my contract.

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