3g unresponsive, stuck @ restore

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    Feb 14, 2010

    new to this forum, we've got an iphone here having worse problems than any i've seen, and can't find anything similar on the web.

    it's a 3G, recently installed the latest update (3.1.3? .2?), everything seemed to go fine. later that day i sent a text message, set the phone down, and when i picked it up, it was unresponsive. entirely unresponsive, even the holding down home+lock button for a bit got nothing, plugging it into a charger got nothing, it wouldn't even show up on the computer. oddly, once i got internet access on the laptop, it showed up in itunes as an iphone that needed restoring. so i clicked restore, and it got a little past half & stopped. dead stopped. unplugged it and the restoring apple+progress bar remained unchanged.

    we tried everything we could find online, has any body run into this problem / have any suggestions?

    UPDATE: we broke the screen a month or so ago, so i don't think we can take it into apple, even tho this problem is completely unrelated :(
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