3G with headphone/speaker sound issue

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    My 3G has been acting strange ever since OS 3.0.1. It didn't start exactly with the update though (or that I noticed), so I can't be sure it's a software issue.

    What happens is that if I'm listening to youtube or the iPod app, I'll have sound coming out of the speaker for a few minutes, then all of a sudden I'll see the volume slider move and the sound will be off. Somehow, it thinks I've got headphones installed. I've tried everything that some of the threads talked about (cleaning the headphone jack, resetting all, restoring as new, inserting/removing headphones, etc.), but nothing has worked. I had thought this might be an app issue, so I removed all my apps, and then did a DFU restore as new, and I still have the issue.

    If I'm using headphones, I don't have an issue. It's only when I want to use it w/o headphones. From looking at threads all the way back to 2007, it seems like that this was an issue back then, as well. So, I doubt downgrading to 2.2.1 would fix it, and unlike some, I don't want to lose the advantages of 3.0/3.1 anyway. Is this probably just a hardware issue and I should just get it replaced?
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    Sounds like the genius bar might be your next step.

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