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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by bella92108, Oct 7, 2009.

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    So I have a 3GS with the 3.0.1 redsnow JB... I want to go to 3.1... so i load pwnage tool in mac os, and it asks me to select my phone, so i select 3GS... it then says it doesn't find a ipsw to use. Do i use a 3.1 ipsw or what? Where's the place to get them? Dev team's site doesn't even reference where or link to them (odd).... Also, will i lose all the cydia apps i've installed or will those go over (ie winterboard, themes, sbsettings, etc?)? And will i have to reconfig email accounts, lose texts, etc?
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    You need to select the normal 3.1 IPSW file (Where ever you saved it, and you get it from Apple. It's the 3.1 firmware.) then make the custom IPSW.

    For a more detailed guide, click here.
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    Mar 1, 2006

    Cool, I understand the process now... my only remaining question is when it jailbreaks will it be like restoring where I'll have to redownload all my cydia apps, winterboard themes, re-config email, etc, or will it all be the same with the new 3.1?
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    search google for a 3.1 ipsw. the dev-team will not post links for the ipsw due to the fact they are copyrighted by apple. their website would be shut down quick if so.

    you will have to d/l all cydia apps again, or you can choose expect mode on pwnagetool and preload the apps in...but when i did that i had probs, so i suggest you d/l via cydia. all other stuff as far as email accounts can be synced via itunes....and text msg will be lost unless you restore last backup. but that causes battery issues.

    i would say stay at 3.0.1 lots of issues/complaints coming from 3.1 jb 3GS owners
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    Mar 1, 2006
    Yeah seems problematic. I mean if I got "2x Battery Life" or "live streaming video chat" or an extra bar or something I'd upgrade, but sounds like the only thing I'd get would be a pain in the ass.
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    Not anymore. 3.1 is running smooth as ever on my 3gs, jailed.
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    Mine too. Just as quick on 3.1 and no battery issues. I don't think that many people had issues with 3.1, but we always perceive it due to the whining.
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    Do you use any Rock apps (Intelliscreen, tlert, etc.). If so, Rock makes a backup of all or your Cydia apps and saves it under your Rock ID. When you upgrade your jb to 3.1, all you have to do is reinstall Rock, restore from backup within Rock and it will reinstall all of your Cydia apps.

    You can also look into AptBackup and PkgBackup.

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