3gs is really freeking out here

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  1. Turbohog macrumors member

    Oct 12, 2009
    So yesterday, I had my 3gs plugged into my computer to charge, as usual. However, iTunes kept telling me that I had no memory left on the phone! I though the computer just needed to be restarted or something. Well, later on my phone crashed multiple times. One was just from stopping the music and pulling it out of a speaker system. It kept crashing, and I checked Cydia to see how much memory it said I had. It also said 0% left! I deleted a few things and it was up a bit. I had to reboot (through tethered) this morning because it crashed again. This time, it seemed to be back to normal. I had 33% space free. Well, an hour or so later it was magically back at 0. I updated Rock, and when it respringed all of my app store apps were gone. I just now got to reboot it again, and the app store apps were still gone. As I was typing this, all of them reappeared...Anyone know wtf is going on with my 3GS?
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    Jun 10, 2008
    This is very weird, I had this problem on my 3GS, as did my father on his 2G. For a short period in the morining on the 14th, my 3GS said the memory was full. Soon after, the screen refused to turn on, however it would sync. I did a hard reset (power + home), and all was back to normal.

    However, my father's 2G is still acting up. It says the memory is full, and cydia wouldn't start (it would just crash). I fixed cydia via SSH, however, it still says the iPhone is full. Email won't load, and the camera won't function (as if the Phone is full).

    I have also seen a user on twitter with the same problem.

    Any ideas?
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    Oct 12, 2009
    Aggie, thank you!!! I should've searched before hand, but I had already searched Google and some other forums, so I figured it wouldn't do any good. Thanks a ton!!!
    Edit: Unfortunately there's still a problem. iTunes won't let me see any of my music and stuff unless I "restore" to a backup of my iphone
    Double Edit: Now, I have the option to sync, and it acts like it is for about a minute, but then quits.

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