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    Jan 6, 2011
    sorry if this overlaps other threads but i thought i'd put all my info in one tidy post. these may be of some help to someone?:

    1. Power button not responding. my power button suddenly stopped responding. i find if i apply a moderate amount of pressure to the screen just below the power button, in the black area just OUTSIDE the actual display and press the power button i can finally switch off my 3GS.

    2. poor GPS performance. for about a year my 3GS's GPS capabilities were great. i used CoPilot all the time and the start up was far quicker than my TomTom. initially i thought the iOS4 update killed my GPS as it suddenly became too unreliable, even in open skies.
    recently i found that one re-seating the gold tabs inside the phone dramatically improved the GPS performance - maybe just a coincidence but worth a try.
    the gold tabs are located underneath the screen on the lower right hand side. they should both be touching the metal chassis that runs around the phone. (see youtube for screen removal - you don't need to disconnect anything, just lift it enough to get a plastic tool in there and bend them a bit).

    3. interference - that galloping, morse-code type interference, like when you're phone's too close to a speaker. i was getting it when making/receiving calls.
    again this is down to the gold tabs not making good contact with the chassis. a gentle bend as above should sort this.

    these may not solve everyone's problems. (if you're not sure what you're doing take your phone to someone who does). but i hope it's useful to someone? :)
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    Jan 6, 2011
    GPS ...info update

    this may be of interest to all those 3GS owner who's GPS functionality is crap:

    i recently had to do major repairs to my iPhone, which included disconnecting the logic board.
    Now the phone has been re-assembled to it's full working order the GPS receiver is working AMAZINGLY well. giving me a FULL satellite lock from cold start in under a minute, and hot start in a matter of seconds! (using CoPilot GPS software). it even works indoors.
    i also use a free app called GPS-status which ruled out the possibility of A-GPS helping the satellite receiver 'cheat' a fix.

    the 2 significant details here are:
    1) since i replaced the 3GS housing and many components, including the GPS receiver - it could've been a faulty module. but sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't - so that's doubtful.

    2) the logic board was completely powered down (something that doesn't happen when you just turn it 'off'). when re-installed, the date and other BIOS/EFI (whatever?) functions reverted to their factory setting.

    in summary: completely refreshing the logic board appears to clear whatever it was that severely hindered the GPS when iOS4 was installed.
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    Aug 11, 2010
    So how do you completely refresh the logic board if shutting it off isn't good enough? Do I have to tear this bad boy open?
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    Jan 25, 2011
    Berlin, Germany
    Should try this first

    Weak GPS-Signal in general and especially with Navigon.
    This worked for me without going down to hardware issue.
    Its wortha try : (from the Navigon FAQ)

    "What can I do to improve the GPS-Signal of my iPhone?

    During the following process the memory of your iPhone will be reorganized. This will have a positive effect on the quality of the GPS-Signal. The internal memory will be entirely deleted during this process. Therefore it is extremely necessary to make a backup of the software as described in step 1.

    1. Please connect your iPhone to iTunes and perform synchronize it. After that please click with the right mouse button on the iPhone-Icon (in the left menu of iTunes) and choose “backup”. iTunes will now create an entire backup of your iPhone data and settings.
    2. Then disconnect your iPhone from the computer and connect it to the power supply.
    3. On your iPhone choose “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset”.
    4. Then choose “Erase all Content and Settings” and confirm this.
    5. The following steps can take up to two hours and more, depending on the model and storage capacity of your iPhone
    6. After the procedure is finished please connect the iPhone to your computer again.
    7. Now using the backup install your data and settings.
    A limited GPS signal can have many different reasons:
    bad positioning of the iPhone in the car. Like with every portable navigation device, the iPhone should always have a free view to the sky.
    metallized thermally insulated windshield
    usage of design or protective covers ":D

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