3GS Random Reset and Activation Required

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    My iphone 3GS has been acting up recently and has recently become worst. What happens is that I will randomly lose signal and it will say "Searching..." then eventually "No Service" and then it will just restart, stay on the Apple screen for a few mins and then finish booting up. But once it's done booting up, the message on the screen says "Activation Required" and if you swipe the screen, it will tell you to plug into itunes (but itunes will not recognize the device). If I keep resetting the phone, eventually it will come back on will the same "Activation Required" message but with full signal strength, and if I swipe, it will say that my phone has been set-up successfully.

    Finally the resetting wasn't working so I ended up having to restore my phone (which took a couple of tries) and now I am on ios 6.1.3 (before I was on ios 5). I am still having issues though. Now when the phone reboots by itself, it will bring me to the ios 6 setup screen and the signal strength will be "Searching..." or "No Service". Eventually, if it connects to the service provider quick enough, I am able to use my phone no problem. When I look in the logs, there's a panic plist. Can someone help decipher it and tell me what hardware would need to be replaced? I brought it to the apple store and they couldn't tell me what was wrong...

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Phone is not jailbroken or unlocked.

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    Did you restore to factory or restore from backup?
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