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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pureelite1, Dec 22, 2011.

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    I am writing this as i am restoring my 16 GB Iphone 3GS for the 3rd time in less than 2 months. I noticed this problem after i updated my 3GS to iOS 5, and hoped that this problem would be resolved with iOS 5.0.1 update. However it is still persisting. The problem is basically that the iphone will reboot/restart by itself periodically. I've noticed it always reboots/restarts when its "Searching" for a signal but it also does it even when it's not "Searching" although with far less frequency. The first few times it restarted i thought it was a bug when i updated so i restored it. I've noticed that once i restore, the problem seems to go away but after a few days it comes back, after further time the frequency of the restarts increases until eventually after 3 weeks it becomes totally unusable restarting every 2 mins. I'm restoring it for the 3rd time right now, but this is really becoming annoying, and i was wondering if there is any fix to this? I've noticed that other people are also having this same trouble. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Please note iPhone is 2.5 years old so no warranty.
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    I am experiencing the same thing w/ my 3GS now. Any fixes?
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
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    I've had this issue before on my old 3GS, the one after that which was to replace the previous one due to the issue u mentioned, and the next one for same reason. All brand new and replaced under warranty by Apple, deemed to be hardware issues. Also with my brand new iPhone 4 recently. Strange right?? All my phones are taken perfectly good care of and have never been dropped or anything. Always synced to my computer with an official Apple supplied cable, have even tried different cables after restoring my phones to fix the issue temporarily. None of them have ever even been plugged into a car charger.

    So is it a hardware issue??? 4 unrelated, perfectly treated phones all in immaculate condition, I seriously doubt it. The common denominator??? My PC the they have all been synced to. And it happens after syncing and restoring from back up and being set up as a new phone. The 4 was never restored from a backup, just set up as a new phone..... The 4 and the 3GS phones after being set up as new phones did have my contacts added via iTunes using windows mobile sync. So it's possible that this was the problem....the mobile sync causing an issue....

    Another theory??? I also checked in my device manager and discovered that after updating to service pack 3(I use xp), that my USB drivers were out of date, so it may be possible that was the issue, as I did a DFU mode restore of iOS 5.0.1 to my 4 after the issue happened last, after updating the USB drivers and so far so good!!!! I'm pretty sure my issue started occuring after updating to service pack 3. But if it happens again, I'll narrow it down to possibly being mobile sync again. Or maybe iOS 5 and xp don't get along??

    To the OP, which windows do u run on the computer u sync to?? Are ur USB drivers up to date?? And does ur computer us mobile sync/active sync or whatever it's called for ur contacts?? ITunes should tell u that in ur sync settings somewhere. I'm trying to understand this issue too and what causes it so maybe I can narrow it down. I never has these kinda issues with iOS 4. If there is min spec issue due to using xp or just an issue with ios 5 itself, I wish Apple would get off their ****ing high horses and admit that there is an issue and send out a fix or tell us what to do to fix it(stop using xp, etc). I love ApplE and LOVE my iPhones (always have) ESP my iPhone 4. I love iOS 5 for the most part, I think it's the best iOS yet, however by Apple not admitted that there is an issue with the no service/searching loop then leading to the phone rebooting on its own(this isn't an unknown issue, there are threads all over regarding it), doesn't make the problem to away, it just makes Apple look like a bunch of chicken **** spineless *******s who care more about their name than admitting that there's a problem and fixing it for the sake of keeping customers happy and coming back. I'm die hard iPhone all the way but if this issue occurs one more time, I personally am selling this ****ing phone and buying an Android, which I don't wanna do. But I can't have a phone that is gonna just stop allowing me to have service till I can get home and restore it. Battery life issues are acceptable, this issue is not!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Me too. The 3GS has been working flawlessly until I upgraded to IOS5.

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