3gs screen flickering

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  1. reishanavya macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2010
    hi, i've had my jailbroken 3gs for the past year now and last night the screen suddenly began flickering.
    i'm currently running os4 on it.
    i attempted to take a photo of it using screen capture but the photo came out showing a normal screen.

    did a video of it for youtube hoping maybe someone can help= can any of you help?


  2. Leah1st macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2010
    3Gs Screen Flickering

    I recently bought a 3Gs iphone, used, under a year old, in almost perfect condiditon. Worked great for the first month but yesterday started flickering or going very dark. It was upgraded to 4.1 just before I bought it. It has always been used on the same carrier(not unlocked or jailbroken). So, not only can you hardly see the screen to use it, you can watch the battery power decreasing and the phone seems to get very warm now. I was told to try an older version but since I did not have the phone originally, I have to download a previous version. But I was told you have to change the host file, because when you do a restore and try to downgrade, apple does not take kindly to that. And your iphone/itunes has to "talk" to apple when you are doing this, so you change the "host" and this tricks your iphone into thinking it's talking to apple, when it isn't and you can bypass the block to downgrade from apple. This is only what I was told by someone who works for mac. He told me to go to macmerc.com and info was there on how to do this. Well, after spending all day dealing with this, I am now going to drive the hour and a half to an apple store and hope can fix or replace my phone.
  3. Leah1st macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2010
    update on 3gs screen

    Took my phone to the Apple store in the Oakridge shopping center today. Wow, impressive store, staff, service and products. Anyway, within minutes they had replaced the screen and that didn't solve the problem, so now they give me a brand new phone :) I was there about 45 mins and only waited about 5 mins to see a tech, all the other time the tech was with me trying to fix, then replace my phone. WOW! I love my mac book and iphone!

    If you have problems, go to an Apple store or phone 1-800-263-3394. Don't wait for your warranty to run out!

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